Budget, Budget, who has the Budget?

MP900341907Where is the 2013-2014 budget? At the time of this post individual schools are putting together their enrollment projections for the 2013-2014 school year. Below you will find the budget timeline for the 2013-2014 school year. The budgeting process is spread out over several months and contains many components prior to finalization.

New this year is the Program Improvement Form. Departments budget amounts will be the same or less as last year. If they need improvements or more resources they must now fill out a Program Improvement Form, which will be evaluated to see if additional resources are needed. As you can see from the timeline the 2013-2014 budget will not be finalized or approved by the Board of Education until summer of 2013.

We encourage you to attend your individual school SAC meetings to ask questions regarding the budget and resources.

FY 2013-2014 Budget Development Process

I.       Determine Student Enrollment by Neighborhood School – Finalized January 31, 2013

II.      Determine District-wide increases in costs: Medical benefits, utilities, fuel, special education, security, custodial, operational software, average salaries – complete

III.     Determine revenue increases associated with more student and PPR funding from Colorado School Finance –  Act ???

IV.     Communicate out District Priorities for budget allocation

  • Strategic Plan Priorities
  • Maximize Dollars to our schools – Increase SBBPPA (student based budgeting per pupil allocation), provide greater flexibility
  • Provide pay increases for all employees based on employee market and performance of all employees

V.      Send out Department Budget Worksheets – February , 2013

  • Total Department budget amounts to be same or less than prior year
  • Add a program improvement form providing an opportunity to request more resources

VI.     Determine SBBPPA value and pay increase upon final Colorado Legislative action.

VII.    Send out School budget worksheets – February ???

  • Determine school priorities with input from SAC’s.
  • Determine school allocations for custodial, special education, G&T ESL, security, highly impacted, IB, other? – Provided by Academic Team
  • Approval by Academic Leadership

VIII.   School and Department Budget worksheets complete by March 16 – drop dead date March 22

IX.     Proposed Budget to BOE in May, 2013

X.      BOE to Adopt budget in June, 2013. *

*DCSD cannot finalize the budget until they receive the final numbers from the state. In the past there have been instances where the state has delayed giving final numbers to Colorado school districts. You might remember the blue and black budget a few years ago. These two budgets were created because the state was late in getting the final numbers to districts.


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